Sometimes Greece is so great and really the country where democracy was born. But still ancient Athens’ democracy was full of discriminations and the really free and real citizens were nothing but a part of its population. In a way you could call it an expanded oligarchy. Anyway there are so many excuses for our precedents, and its true that for their time they were beyond the average. But what are the excuses for our times? How do we dare claim any of the accomplishments of our history when we cannot adapt to our times? You hear that finally a Domestic Partnership Contract is going to be created (yeap if you live in another European Union country you probably think of it as taken) but suddenly you realise that it won’t fit to every citizen of this country…

Sex Discrimanation

In Greece gays, lesbians and transsexuals know about discrimination. They face it daily from their families, in their social lives and in the professional field.

But sometimes, all it takes is a single straw to break the camel’s back.

According to press reports, the greek government is preparing to introduce a domestic partnership ‘contract’ EXCLUSIVELY for unmarried heterosexual couples. We do not believe that a mere ‘contract’ can resolve the issues same-sex couples face or ensure their fair treatment under the law. However this discriminatory proposal is a direct contravention of the greek Constitution, as well as european human rights treaties. Especially since same-sex couples already enjoy legal rights in 18 european nations.

The aim of this intervention is to make sure that european institutions, human rights organisations, websites and weblogs from around the world learn about these proposals. What we ask for is equal rights for all. Nothing more and nothing less.

This time around we will not sit idly by. This time around we will not keep silent…


Of course there is always the hope that the E.U. will finally oblige our government to include any kind of couple, but still it’s so sad to see that 2500 years after the classical age, this country seems to go backwards. The wrong government, the wrong religion, the wrong people that will just sit through anything, hiding behind desks, offices, walls, gay-bars. I don’t care about marriage, or domestic partnership, but on the other hand I don’t like being treated as a second class being, because I ‘m in love with a guy.